Duna Plaza (Duna Pláza bevásárlóközpont)

Duna Plaza (Duna Pláza bevásárlóközpont)
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Duna Plaza: A Nostalgic Yet Convenient Shopping Experience


Duna Plaza holds the distinction of being Hungary’s first shopping mall. Despite its age, it has kept up with the times, offering various sales events like Black Friday. With nearly 200 stores, the mall provides a wide range of shopping options, including international brands, cozy cafes, restaurants, and a seven-screen multiplex cinema.

Accessibility and Parking

The mall is easily accessible via public transportation, including the blue (M3) metro line, buses 105 and 120, and tram 14. For those arriving by car, the first hour of parking is free, followed by a nominal fee of 200 Ft per hour.

What’s Inside?

Duna Plaza has a unique charm that makes it feel like a time capsule from the 1990s. It offers a quiet shopping experience, with stores like H&M, Reserved, and Humanic within close proximity of each other. The mall even has a specialized Minecraft store. The grocery store, CBA, seems to cater to an international clientele, offering a variety of melons in the summer and different types of steaks.


  • Size and Navigability: 9/10
  • Accessibility: 9/10
  • Store Variety: 8/10
  • Dining Options: 6/10


  • Small and easy to navigate.
  • Excellent public transportation access.
  • All the stores you’d find in a busier mall but with fewer crowds.


  • Limited dining options, including a few cafeterias, a questionable salad bar, Pizza Forte, Burger House, and McDonald’s.
  • If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you’ll have to travel to another part of the city.

In summary, Duna Plaza offers a nostalgic yet convenient shopping experience. It may not be as bustling as other malls, but its smaller size and fewer crowds make it a pleasant place for a stress-free shopping spree.

Opening Hours
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