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Getting Around Budapest

Welcome to Budapest – a city famous for its historic sites, cultural events, and vibrant nightlife. However, a successful journey through this mesmerizing city depends heavily on your ability to navigate its public transportation. Fear not because, with a bit of patience and a knack for map reading, you can master Budapest’s comprehensive and effective transport system in no time.

Despite the efficiency of the city’s transport services, it’s important to know that metros and tram routes wrap up their services for the night around 11:30 pm. For night owls exploring Budapest’s nocturnal offerings, this might seem like a setback. But don’t worry – night bus services are at your disposal, and for more remote areas, particularly the Buda Hills, taxis are always ready to come to your rescue.

A word of caution, though: the city’s public transport tends to get crowded during rush hours, so planning your travel is advisable. Also, remember that crowded public transport areas are where pickpockets typically lurk, so keep an eye on your belongings.

With these basics in mind, you can traverse the city like a local. Whether hopping on a tram to explore the cityscape or taking the metro to delve into the heart of Budapest, each journey promises a unique glimpse into the life and spirit of Hungary’s capital.

Here’s everything you need to know to get around Hungary’s capital, whether exploring by foot, taking a scenic tram ride, cycling, or cruising on the Danube:

On Foot

Budapest is a highly walkable city, especially in areas like the Castle District, downtown Pest, and the Jewish Quarter. Walking allows you to take in the city’s stunning architecture and atmospheric streets at your own pace.

Buses, Trams, Trolleys, HÉV, and Metro

Budapest’s public transportation network, operated by BKK, includes buses, trams, trolleys, HÉV, and a metro system. They provide an inexpensive and efficient way to traverse the city.

Hungary, Budapest - Millenium Underground Railway, Opera Stop

Bus – Discover the hidden corners of Budapest with the city’s extensive bus network. A comprehensive guide to making your journey smoother.

TramsTram No.2 is famous for being one of the most scenic tram routes in the world. It travels along the Danube, offering picturesque views of Buda Castle, the Hungarian Parliament Building, and other landmarks.

Metro – The Budapest Metro, with its four lines, covers a significant part of the city and is a quick means of transportation. The M1 line, known as the Millennium Underground, is the oldest in continental Europe.

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HÉV – Discover the outskirts of Budapest with ease by HÉV! Our guide offers insights on using Budapest’s HÉV suburban railway network, connecting you to places beyond the city’s center.


Bubi Bikes

For a more active way to explore, consider Bubi, Budapest’s bike-sharing system. With bike lanes available in many parts of the city, cycling is a convenient way to get around while enjoying the cityscape.


River Boats

Boat services on the Danube aren’t just for sightseeing cruises but also as a means of transportation. Public boat lines D11 and D12 run along the river, offering a unique city perspective. For river cruises, please visit the getting around by Boat page.

Taxis and Rideshares

Taxis and rideshares like Bolt are available in Budapest. They are convenient but more expensive than public transportation. Always ensure that the taxi is licensed and metered to avoid being overcharged.


While renting a car is possible, it isn’t recommended for city travel due to traffic and limited parking. Cars can be handy for exploring more distant attractions or planning to venture beyond Budapest.

Tickets and Travel Cards

Tickets for BKK transport are available at metro stations, newsstands, and ticket machines. Always validate your ticket at the start of your journey. For longer stays, consider a travel card (available for 24-hour, 72-hour, 7-day durations, and more) for unlimited travel within the city.

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From public transportation to bicycles to scenic river boats, Budapest offers a range of options for getting around. Exploring the city is part of the adventure, so choose the method that suits your travel style and enjoy the journey!