Navigate Budapest’s Outskirts by HÉV

Budapest’s public transportation network extends beyond its city center, thanks to the HÉV – a suburban railway network. These lines bridge the gap between Budapest’s buzzing heart and the serene surroundings on the city’s outskirts.

HÉV Lines in Budapest

Four HÉV lines are in operation, but the Szentendre line attracts the most attention from visitors. This line is a vital connector for most hotels, restaurants, and tourist sites located in northern Buda and Óbuda.

If you’re heading to Óbuda’s Fő tér (Main Square), disembark at the Árpád híd (Árpád Bridge) stop. While traveling within Budapest’s city limits on the HÉV, the cost remains the same as a standard transit ticket. You’ll need to self-validate your ticket as previously described or use a transit pass.

HÉV Rules and Schedules

The HÉV suburban railway network also links Budapest’s Batthyány tér with the charming town of Szentendre. You can board the HÉV from the Margit Híd, Budai Híd Fő on the Pest side. Trains operate daily throughout the year, departing every 20 minutes or so from 4 am to 11:30 pm. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes.

Fare for the HÉV is based on distance. For a trip up to 10 kilometers, the one-way fare starts from 125 Ft (0,33 EUR). Discounts apply if you possess a valid Budapest public transportation pass.

Additional Notes: Riding the HÉV isn’t just about connecting places; it’s about connecting experiences. Step aboard and prepare to uncover the hidden treasures awaiting you on Budapest’s outskirts.