By Bus

Arriving in Budapest by Bus

Navigating Budapest by bus brings you face to face with the city’s recently renovated bus terminals, Népliget Bus Station and Árpád híd bus station.

Navigating Népliget Bus Station

Népliget Bus Station, the city’s main bus terminal, sports a modern design and top-notch facilities. It’s conveniently located on the Red metro line at the Stadionok stop. Whether arriving from an international destination or planning a day trip within Hungary, the Népliget Bus Station is a major hub for all bus traffic.


Unpacking Árpád híd Bus Station

On the other hand, the Árpád híd Bus Station is a smaller facility that exclusively caters to domestic bus services. It’s situated on the Blue metro line, making it easy for locals and tourists alike to hop on a bus and explore the many charming towns and villages surrounding Budapest.

Upon arriving, you’ll find that both stations are well-equipped with amenities such as eateries and information centers, ensuring your bus journey in Budapest is as seamless as possible.