By Train

Arriving in Budapest by Train

Arriving in Budapest by train means landing at one of the city’s three major train stations – Keleti pályaudvar (Eastern Station), Nyugati pályaudvar (Western Station), and Déli pályaudvar (Southern Station). Though their names hint at cardinal directions, they bear no actual relevance to their geographic locations, so don’t let them puzzle you!

Each station houses a variety of services, such as food outlets, accommodation offices, and currency exchange booths. However, as a rule of thumb, avoid using taxis directly from the station to evade overpricing scams. Call a trusted taxi service instead to ensure a fair rate.

Navigating Keleti Station

Keleti Station (phone: +3613145010) is the grand entry point for most international trains. Its impressive exterior is a testament to classic European railway architecture. Located in Pest’s old Baross tér, on the border of the VII and VIII districts, the station is well-connected with the Red metro line below and several buses, tram, and trolley bus lines serving the square.

You might encounter offers for rooms and taxis at Keleti, but a polite smile and a firm “no” is all you need to decline.

Keleti station

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Discovering Nyugati Station

Nyugati Station (phone +3613490115) is another architectural gem designed by the Eiffel Company and completed in 1877. As the site of Hungary’s first train station from 1846, it’s steeped in history. The station is conveniently located on the Outer Ring, bordering the V, VI, and XIII districts, and is served by the Blue metro line, along with numerous bus and tram lines.

Nyugati Station

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Understanding Déli Station

The less visually appealing Déli Station (phone: +3613756293) is on the Buda side, marking the end of the Red metro line. Though it handles fewer international arrivals, some trains from Vienna do pull in here.

Deli Palyaudvar

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While an MÁV-operated minibus can take you to the airport from any of these stations, the complex pricing system might be frustrating. Instead, consider opting for a reliable taxi service. If you still prefer the minibus, you can reach them at +3613532722. For more information, visit their website.