By Taxi

Safely Navigate Budapest by Taxi: A Complete Guide

Navigating Budapest by taxi is an effective way to explore the city, provided you know what to look for and how to deal with taxi services. Budapest taxis are divided into two categories: legal taxis and others. Legitimate taxis are identifiable by a yellow license plate and a roof-mounted taxi sign.

Identifying Legal Taxis in Budapest

The fare you will pay consists of three components: a base fee (1.100 Ft / 2,97 EUR), a kilometer-based fare (450 Ft / 1,21 EUR), and a waiting tariff (110 Ft / 0,29 EUR). The waiting tariff comes into play when the taxi has to stop or is traveling slower than 15kmph (9 mph) due to traffic. Since 2018, the fares have been standardized by the government.

You are in an official Budapest taxi if you have the driver’s photo ID and a fare table with the Budapest fixed official prices displayed on the dashboard and the windows of the two rear doors.

For the most competitive rates, consider the larger fleet companies. Have someone at your hotel, a restaurant, or a responsible person call a taxi for you. Even if there are private taxis readily available, it’s advised to wait for a fleet taxi. These usually arrive within 5 minutes unless you’re in an extremely remote area or during unfavorable weather conditions.


Payment for the transport

Taxis accept both cash and credit card payments, but not all types of credit cards may be accepted. The prices listed are valid up to the administrative borders of Budapest. If you are traveling outside Budapest, please check the conditions in advance.

After each journey, ask for a receipt printed from the taximeter to check the applied fixed charge and resolve any complaints about your journey effectively.

Tips for Using Taxis in Budapest

Stay alert to dishonest practices. For instance, be cautious if a driver asks you to pay for a return trip, asks for payment in a currency other than forints, or offers a “flat rate” instead of using the meter. The chances of encountering such practices are significantly lower with larger, reputable companies.

If you require extra space, request a station wagon, known locally as a ‘kombi’. During summer, you may also request an air-conditioned vehicle. As for tipping, it generally does not exceed 10%. Most Hungarians tend to round up the bill.

If you feel that a driver has cheated you, make sure to report the incident to the company, as most of them have strict policies against unprofessional behavior.

Additional Notes: Riding a taxi in Budapest can be convenient and comfortable. However, ensure you know the rules and practices for a pleasant experience. Let your Budapest adventure begin!