Budapest Guide

Szentendrei Skanzen

Discover the Szentendrei Skanzen, Hungary’s largest open-air museum, established in 1972. Explore nine distinct Hungarian landscapes, featuring over 350 historical buildings, exhibitions, and interactive venues. From 18th-century rural life to 20th-century traditions, the museum offers a deep dive into Hungary’s cultural heritage. Whether you’re a film buff intrigued by its role as a filming location for Netflix’s “Vajak” or a history enthusiast, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy multiple days of sightseeing, accessible by bike or the museum’s own train, and take advantage of on-site accommodations and dining options.

Soroksár (District 23)

Soroksár: Budapest’s Untouched Oasis with a Dash of Tradition Soroksár, also known as Budapest’s 23rd district, is a delightful locale distinguished by its unspoiled natural settings and a touch of Hungarian tradition. Situated in the southernmost part of the city, Soroksár provides an escape from the bustling urban life and introduces you to Hungary’s capital’s tranquil, pastoral aspects. Introduction If you’re seeking an alternative experience in Budapest that involves nature walks, traditional food, and perhaps some horseback riding, Soroksár is …

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Budafok-Tétény (District 22)

Budafok-Tétény: The 22nd District Where Wine and Culture Flow Budafok-Tétény, also known as the 22nd district of Budapest, offers a distinctive experience with its unique blend of wine culture, natural beauty, and historic sites. Located in the southwestern part of the city, this district captures the imagination with its rich offerings that range from wine cellars to scenic parks. Introduction Budafok-Tétény is an often-overlooked gem of Budapest. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur, nature lover, or history buff, this district provides …

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Csepel (District 21)

Csepel: Budapest’s Industrial Jewel Turned Cultural Haven Csepel, the 21st district of Budapest, has transformed from its industrial roots to a cultural and recreational hub. Situated on Csepel Island in the Danube River, the district offers a blend of nature, history, and modern attractions that are unique within the city. Introduction Once known primarily for its industrial significance, Csepel has emerged as an appealing destination that captures the essence of both old and new Budapest. With its numerous parks, historic …

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Pesterzsébet (District 20)

Pesterzsébet: Uncover Budapest’s Serene 20th District with a Rich Cultural Tapestry Pesterzsébet, situated in the southeastern part of Budapest, is the 20th district known for its peaceful atmosphere and vibrant local culture. Often bypassed by mainstream tourism, this district offers a tranquil respite featuring cultural landmarks, parks, and local markets. Introduction Pesterzsébet is a hidden gem in Budapest, with a rich local history and cultural attractions. Whether you are a nature enthusiast or a culture vulture, this quaint district promises …

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Kispest (District 19)

Kispest: Budapest’s 19th District of Rich Heritage and Contemporary Lifestyle Kispest, the 19th district of Budapest, is an area that masterfully balances its rich heritage with a contemporary lifestyle. Often overshadowed by more touristy parts of Budapest, Kispest offers a less-crowded yet equally fascinating experience for visitors interested in sports, culture, and local life. Introduction Kispest is not just a residential escape from the bustling city center; it’s a destination that holds its own charm. From renowned sports facilities to …

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Pestszentlőrinc-Pestszentimre (District 18)

Pestszentlőrinc-Pestszentimre: Budapest’s Haven of Natural Beauty and Historic Charm On the southeastern outskirts of Budapest lies the 18th district, Pestszentlőrinc-Pestszentimre. This district is a delightful fusion of natural wonders, historical landmarks, and modern conveniences, offering tourists an alternative view of Budapest that is both enchanting and rejuvenating. Introduction Pestszentlőrinc-Pestszentimre may not top every tourist guide, but its unique blend of scenic parks, historical sites, and modern amenities make it an ideal destination for those looking to explore more than just …

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Rákosremete (District 17)

Rákosmente: Budapest’s Scenic Suburb of Tranquility and Heritage Situated in the eastern part of Budapest, Rákosmente is the 17th district and serves as a peaceful suburban escape. This area is characterized by its vast green spaces, lakes, and quieter lifestyle, offering tourists a unique respite from the bustling city center. Introduction While Rákosmente may not be on every tourist’s itinerary, it should be, especially for those who desire a break from the crowds. With an array of outdoor activities and …

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Árpádföld, Cinkota, Mátyásföld, Sashalom, Rákosszentmihály (District 16)

Exploring District 16: Budapest’s Mosaic of Traditional and Modern Living Budapest’s 16th district is a unique amalgamation of tradition and modernity, with diverse neighborhoods such as Árpádföld, Cinkota, Mátyásföld, Sashalom, and Rákosszentmihály. This district offers tourists a chance to delve into local culture while enjoying picturesque landscapes and modern conveniences. Introduction Budapest’s District 16 is unlike any other part of the city. This district comprises several neighborhoods, each with its own distinct character and history. From Árpádföld’s rustic charm to …

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Rákospalota, Újpalota, Pestújhely (District 15)

The 15th District of Budapest: A Community-Driven, Modern Experience Located in the northwestern part of Budapest, the 15th district is a contemporary area that blends community living with urban conveniences. Whether you’re a food enthusiast, a nature lover, or someone interested in local culture, the 15th district offers a different taste of Budapest that every tourist should experience. Introduction The 15th district of Budapest is a lesser-known but increasingly popular area with a strong sense of community and many modern …

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