Near Budapest

Szentendrei Skanzen

Discover the Szentendrei Skanzen, Hungary’s largest open-air museum, established in 1972. Explore nine distinct Hungarian landscapes, featuring over 350 historical buildings, exhibitions, and interactive venues. From 18th-century rural life to 20th-century traditions, the museum offers a deep dive into Hungary’s cultural heritage. Whether you’re a film buff intrigued by its role as a filming location for Netflix’s “Vajak” or a history enthusiast, there’s something for everyone. Enjoy multiple days of sightseeing, accessible by bike or the museum’s own train, and take advantage of on-site accommodations and dining options.


Where History Ascends to New Heights Nestled halfway between Szentendre and Esztergom (45km / 28 miles North-West of Budapest) lies the quaint riverside village of Visegrád. Don’t let its tranquil demeanor fool you, though; this village is a history enthusiast’s dream, boasting a past as grand as the ruins it hosts. The Romans were the first to recognize the strategic significance of Visegrád’s location, erecting a fort here centuries ago. Named “High Castle” by Slovak settlers in the 9th or …

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A Historic Town on the Outskirts of Budapest Located 34km / 21 miles north of Budapest, along the serene Danube River, Vác is a picturesque retreat brimming with history and beauty. Despite being nine centuries old, its charm and allure remain timeless. According to legend, a hermit monk named Laszlo once resided in the forest now known as Vác. He prophesied that Prince Géza would triumph over King Solomon. After a miraculous sighting of a deer with candles on its …

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A Gem on the Danube Bend Situated just 21 km / 13 miles north of Budapest, Szentendre is a quaint riverside town with a rich tapestry of history. This treasure trove has been inhabited since the Stone Age, with a colorful succession of settlers that include Illyrians, the Celtic Eraviscus tribe, Romans, Lombards, Avars, and Hungarians. In the 17th century, the town became a hub for Serbians, who enriched Szentendre with their unique cultural elements and built several Serbian churches. …

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The Danube Bend

Exploring the Danube Bend Just north of Budapest, you’ll find the Danube Bend (Dunakanyar) — a captivating series of riverside towns that have become popular getaway spots for Hungarians and international visitors alike. Despite its name, the “Danube Bend” isn’t quite a straightforward bend. Instead, it’s a meandering course where the river twists and turns, resembling a snake after a seizure when viewed on a map. The Danube enters Hungary from the northwest, flowing southeast and forming the border with …

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