Discovering Buda: The Historical Heart of Budapest

The Ancient Roots of Buda Buda, with its cobbled streets and Gothic houses, stands as a testament to Budapest’s rich history. This area was the central hub of settlement during the Middle Ages, preserving its ancient layout even today. While Pest remained relatively small until the late 18th century, it soon experienced a population boom, overshadowing Buda. However, the latter half of the 20th century saw a more balanced growth between the two. Today, Budapest spans an impressive 525 square …

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Where History Ascends to New Heights Nestled halfway between Szentendre and Esztergom (45km / 28 miles North-West of Budapest) lies the quaint riverside village of Visegrád. Don’t let its tranquil demeanor fool you, though; this village is a history enthusiast’s dream, boasting a past as grand as the ruins it hosts. The Romans were the first to recognize the strategic significance of Visegrád’s location, erecting a fort here centuries ago. Named “High Castle” by Slovak settlers in the 9th or …

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