Useful Phone Numbers

Important Phone Numbers

Whether you’re a local or a visitor in Budapest, accessing a list of important and useful phone numbers can be extremely helpful. Emergencies can happen anytime, and being prepared can make a huge difference. Here are some important contact numbers that could be useful during your stay in Budapest, Hungary.

  • Ambulance: 104
  • Police: 107
  • Fire service: 105
  • Central help number: 112
  • General inquiries: 197
  • Domestic inquiries: 198
  • International inquiries: 199
  • Auto club help number: 188
  • Speaking clock: 180
  • Tourist Police (0-24): 06-1-438-8080
  • 24-hour medical assistance in English (Falck SOS Hungary): 06-1-2400-475
  • 24-hour pharmacy: District 6, Teréz körút 41. (telephone: 06-1-311-4439) near Oktogon
  • Airport Liszt Ferenc – General (flight information) number: 06-1-296-7155
  • Airport Liszt Ferenc – Lost and found-terminal 2A: 06-1-296-8108, 06-1-296-7217
  • Airport Liszt Ferenc – Lost and fund-terminal 2B: 06-1-296-7690, 06-1-295-3480
  • Airport Liszt Ferenc Terminal 2A – information about arrivals: 06-1-296-8000
  • Airport Liszt Ferenc Terminal 2A – information about departures: 06-1-296-7000
  • Airport Liszt Ferenc Terminal 2B – information about arrivals: 06-1-296-5052
  • Airport Liszt Ferenc Terminal 2B – information about departures: 06-1-296-5883
  • Information about local and international trains: MÁVDIREKT 06-40-49-4949

Please remember that when calling these numbers from a foreign mobile phone, you must add Hungary’s country code, which is +36. It’s also worth noting that while some of these services may have English-speaking staff, it isn’t guaranteed. Therefore, if you don’t speak Hungarian, it’s a good idea to learn some basic phrases, especially for emergencies, or find someone to help you with the language barrier.

For the Tourist Police, English speakers are available 24/7. Falck SOS Hungary also provides medical assistance in English round the clock.

If you are flying in or out of Budapest, Liszt Ferenc Airport offers a variety of information and assistance. Flight information lost and found services, and specific information about arrivals and departures from Terminal 2A and Terminal 2B are provided through dedicated phone lines.

Finally, for information about local and international train schedules, pricing, and more, you can contact MÁVDIREKT. This is particularly useful if you plan to travel around Hungary or into neighboring countries by rail.