By Trolleybus

Exploring Budapest by Trolleybus

Among Budapest’s varied modes of public transport, the trolleybus offers a unique charm. Trolleybuses are electric-powered buses that draw energy from overhead cables. Although only 16 trolley bus lines in Pest serve Budapest, they play a crucial role in the city’s transportation system.

Particularly noteworthy for train travelers is trolleybus no. 73. It provides the quickest connection between Keleti Station and Nyugati Station, stopping just a block away from the latter. This line could be particularly useful if you transfer between these stations.

Apart from the unique power supply, trolleybuses function much like regular buses. They abide by the same rules and operate on similar schedules. Therefore, all the information detailed in this guide’s “By Bus” section also applies to trolleybuses.

For information about ticket prices, how to purchase them, and where to validate them, please refer to the “Fares” section of the guide.

Additional Notes: Riding a trolley bus is not just about getting from point A to point B; it’s an integral part of the Budapest experience. So why wait? Hop on a trolley bus and let your Budapest adventure begin!