Csepel Plaza (Csepel Pláza bevásárlóközpont)

Csepel Plaza (Csepel Pláza bevásárlóközpont)
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Csepel Plaza: A Forgotten Gem in the Heart of Csepel


Opened in 1997, Csepel Plaza sprawled over 20,000 square meters and was one of the first to introduce multiplex cinemas in Budapest. Although it has seen better days, it still offers a range of stores, especially during Black Friday sales. For entertainment, the plaza has a few cafes, restaurants, and a cinema, albeit less bustling than before.

Accessibility and Parking

The plaza provides a parking lot with 288 spaces and has designated parking spots for people with disabilities right across the main entrance.

What’s Inside?

Today, Csepel Plaza stands as a stark contrast to its former glory. The plaza has become rather austere in the heart of Csepel’s residential area. During our visit, only one Asian eatery was open on the upper floor, sharing the space with a dimly lit, under-construction bowling alley. The most frequented spots were the government service window and the utility company’s office, although the cinema still operates to some extent.


  • Existence: Yes
  • Product Range: Very Limited
  • Accessibility: Poor
  • Dining Options: Almost Nonexistent


  • It exists.


  • Limited variety, even less than what you’d find at a rural fair.
  • A considerable walk from the nearest HÉV station.
  • Depressing atmosphere.
  • Laughable dining options.
  • The upper floor is virtually useless for shopping purposes.

In summary, Csepel Plaza is a shadow of its former self, offering limited shopping or dining options. It may not be the bustling hub it once was, but it reminds us of a bygone era in Csepel’s history.

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