Parliamentary Museum (Országgyűlési Múzeum)

Parliamentary Museum (Országgyűlési Múzeum)
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Parliamentary Museum (Országgyűlési Múzeum)

The Országgyűlési Múzeum (Parliamentary Museum) in Budapest is a prominent cultural and historical institution. Established in 2014, it aims to gather, preserve, and present the memories of Hungarian parliamentarians to the public. The museum comprises four permanent exhibitions, spanning 1700 square meters, utilizing traditional and multimedia museum techniques.

A Thousand Years of Hungarian Legislation

    • This exhibition offers a chronological overview of the roots, formation, and development of Hungarian parliamentary systems up until the political transformation of the late 20th century. The narration is divided into three main eras, highlighting the earliest assemblies to the modern parliament’s establishment. Additionally, visitors can benefit from a complimentary audioguide available in 14 languages, ensuring they grasp the full extent of the exhibition. Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 09:00-17:00.

History of the Parliament Building (Országház)

    • Located in the Neÿ Béla Hall, this exhibition showcases fascinating artifacts related to the Parliament building, including the red star that once adorned the building’s dome and a 1:100 scale model of the Parliament. Modern technology offers visitors an immersive experience, revealing hidden aspects of the building, including its technologically advanced central clock system. The exhibition also pays tribute to Pilisi Neÿ Béla, who played a significant role in the construction of the Parliament building and documented its architectural grandeur in a magnificent album. The exhibition is open to the public with a ticket for the walk through the Parliament House, the final stop of the program in the Neÿ Béla Hall of the Parliament House.

Kőtár (Stone Repository)

    • This unique lapidarium displays replaced stone statues from the Parliament building and the surrounding Kossuth Square. The narrative captures the construction of the square and the building, from its foundation in the 19th century to recent renovations. One intriguing highlight is the transformation of the building’s initial brick cladding to a more gothic-inspired stone façade, which later deteriorated due to harsh weather conditions. Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10:00-18:00. Technical break: 13:15-14:00.

In Memoriam: October 25, 1956 Memorial and Exhibition

    • This exhibition pays tribute to the victims of the tragic events that unfolded during Hungary’s 1956 revolution. It is open Tuesday through Sunday from 09:00 to 17:00.

In addition to these permanent exhibitions, the museum regularly hosts temporary exhibitions, drawing in visitors eager to delve deeper into Hungary’s rich parliamentary history.

Did you know about the Parliamentary Museum?

The Parliamentary Museum, associated with the Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest, Hungary, offers visitors a deep dive into Hungary’s legislative history and political heritage. Although specific details about exhibitions and offerings can evolve, here’s a general overview based on what such institutions typically showcase:

  1. Historical Context: The museum is dedicated to the history of the Hungarian legislative body and the Parliament Building itself, one of Budapest’s most iconic landmarks. It likely covers the development of Hungarian parliamentary democracy, significant legislative milestones, and notable political figures in Hungary’s history.
  2. Exhibits and Collections: The Parliamentary Museum probably houses a wide range of artifacts, including original documents, legislative texts, personal items belonging to key political figures, photographs, and interactive displays that narrate the story of Hungary’s parliamentary system.
  3. Architecture and Design: The Parliament Building, an architectural marvel, is part of the museum’s appeal. Visitors might learn about the building’s construction, architectural styles, and symbolic elements through guided tours or museum exhibits.
  4. Educational Programs: The museum likely offers educational programs aimed at schools, tourists, and local visitors, providing insights into Hungary’s political system, the role of the parliament, and the importance of democratic values.
  5. Special Exhibitions: Temporary exhibitions focusing on specific themes related to Hungary’s political history, democracy, or significant anniversaries and events in the legislative process could be part of the museum’s offerings.
  6. Visitor Experience: The museum experience is enhanced with multimedia presentations, guided tours, and possibly even interactive sessions where visitors can learn about the legislative process, the function of parliament, and democratic governance.
  7. Accessibility: The museum is expected to be accessible to a wide audience, including international visitors, with information available in multiple languages to cater to Hungary’s diverse tourist population.
  8. Location: Being located within or adjacent to the Hungarian Parliament Building, the museum is situated in a prime location along the Danube River, making it easily accessible and a must-visit for those interested in history, politics, and architecture.

The Parliamentary Museum serves as an educational and cultural platform, offering insights into Hungary’s legislative history and the architectural beauty of one of Budapest’s most significant buildings.

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