The Fat Policeman Statue (Kövér rendőr szobor)

The Fat Policeman Statue (Kövér rendőr szobor)
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The Fat Policeman Statue: A Symbol of Joy in the Heart of Budapest

Nestled among Budapest’s historical and architectural marvels, the Fat Policeman Statue stands out not for its grandeur but its ability to spread joy and whimsy. This charming statue has quickly become a beloved landmark, offering a lighthearted counterpoint to the city’s more solemn monuments. As a guide to Budapest’s unique attractions, I encourage you to visit this delightful statue and experience the simple pleasure it brings.

Fat Policeman Statue, Zrinyi Utca, Budapest

A Beacon of Warmth and Humor

With its jovial expression and rotund figure, the Fat Policeman Statue serves as a beacon of warmth and humor in the bustling city. It’s a playful representation that captures the heart of Budapest’s lively spirit, inviting visitors to engage in a moment of lightheartedness amidst their explorations.

A Must-See for Visitors

Positioned in a prime spot for passersby, the statue has become a popular stop for tourists seeking a fun photo opportunity or a chance to share a laugh. Its friendly demeanor and accessible location make it a must-see for anyone looking to add a touch of joy to their Budapest adventure.

A Reminder of Life’s Simple Pleasures

More than just a piece of public art, the Fat Policeman Statue is a reminder of life’s simple pleasures. It encourages us to take a moment to appreciate the lighter side of life, to find humor in the every day, and to remember that happiness often comes in the most unexpected forms.

The Fat Policeman Statue

Did you know about the Fat Policeman Statue?

The Fat Policeman Statue in Budapest, Hungary, is a whimsical and beloved sculpture that has become one of the city’s many charming attractions. Located near St. Stephen’s Basilica, in the heart of the city, this bronze statue offers a light-hearted contrast to the more solemn memorials and historic sites around Budapest. Here are some key points about the Fat Policeman Statue:

  1. Representation: The statue represents a portly, jovial policeman from the early 20th century, complete with a mustache and a round belly. He appears to be smiling, welcoming passersby with his good-natured expression.
  2. Artist and Unveiling: Created by Hungarian sculptor Illyés András, the Fat Policeman Statue was unveiled in 2008. The artist intended to capture a figure that embodies Budapest’s friendly, welcoming spirit.
  3. Location: The statue is strategically placed on Zrínyi Street, a popular pedestrian thoroughfare that leads to the iconic St. Stephen’s Basilica. Its location makes it easily accessible to tourists exploring the city.
  4. Symbolism and Interpretation: While the Fat Policeman is a figure of humor, he also evokes nostalgia for a bygone era of Budapest’s history, reminiscent of a time when the city’s policemen were reputedly well-fed due to the hospitality and generosity of the local populace.
  5. Popular Tradition: It has become a popular tradition for tourists to rub the statue’s belly for good luck and to ensure their return to Budapest. This practice has given the statue’s belly a shiny patina, contrasting with the darker bronze of the rest of the sculpture.
  6. Photogenic Spot: The Fat Policeman Statue has become a favorite spot for photographs among visitors, often serving as a backdrop for playful and memorable pictures.
  7. Cultural Attraction: Beyond its appeal as a quirky piece of street art, the statue has become a cultural attraction, reflecting the city’s sense of humor and its capacity to blend historical reverence with modern, lighthearted charm.

The Fat Policeman Statue is more than just a piece of urban art; it is a testament to Budapest’s vibrant culture, sense of community, and welcoming spirit.


The Fat Policeman Statue is more than just a statue; it symbolizes the joy and playfulness that characterizes Budapest. Whether you’re visiting for its historical significance or simply wandering through the city’s streets, this statue offers a moment of fun and a reminder to embrace the simple joys in life. As you stand beside this cheerful figure, you’re not just taking a photo but becoming part of Budapest’s vibrant tapestry of culture and happiness.

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