Anonymous' Statue (Anonymus szobra)

Anonymous Statue, Budapest: A Tribute to History’s Enigmatic Chronicler

The Anonymus statue in the scenic Városliget of Budapest is a testament to Hungary’s rich and mysterious history. Crafted in 1903 by Ligeti Miklós, this nearly two-meter tall monument stands atop a foundation conceived by architects Bálint Zoltán and Jámbor Lajos.

The imposing figure immortalizes the enigmatic author of “Gesta Hungarorum”, the earliest chronicle detailing the Magyars’ origins and their conquest of the Carpathian Basin. Known only as Anonymus because his true identity remains obscure, some historians speculate he may have been the notary of either King Béla III or IV.

Guided by scant evidence, Ligeti Miklós embraced the theory that this chronicler was likely a monk of the era. His artistic interpretation showcases the historian as a monk seated on a stone bench, pen in hand, capturing events on a stretched parchment.

The bottom step of the stone bench bears a Latin inscription: “Anonymus – Gloriosissimi Belae regis nótárius”, further deepening the allure and enigma surrounding this historian.

When you visit, take a moment to reflect on the histories and stories that have been forever lost to time and the brave souls that endeavored to preserve them.