Liberty Statue (Szabadság szobor)

Liberty Statue (Szabadság szobor)
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Liberty Statue: Budapest’s Symbol of Endurance and Hope

A Beacon on Gellért Hill

Dominating Budapest’s skyline from its vantage point on Gellért Hill, the Liberty Statue is an iconic emblem of the city’s historic struggles and its undying spirit of freedom.

A Monument with Layers of History

Inaugurated in 1947, the statue stands tall, honoring the Soviet soldiers who sacrificed their lives to liberate Budapest from Nazi occupation. Yet, the statue holds deeper layers of historical significance. Its creation began before WWII under the vision of the renowned sculptor Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl. Initially intended to honor the leadership of Admiral Miklós Horthy, it was later repurposed as a testament to Soviet heroism.

Tales of Transformation

The journey of the statue is reflective of Budapest’s own tumultuous history. Over time, inscriptions and adjacent statues have been altered, showcasing the city’s shifting narratives and alliances. Today, the statue remains, its primary figure extending a palm leaf overhead – an unwavering symbol of liberation and peace.

Connecting Past and Future

As the sun’s rays bathe the Liberty Statue, it seems to shimmer with the aspirations and dreams of the Hungarian people. Her outstretched arms are a salute to the past and an optimistic reach toward a future where freedom and prosperity reign.


A visit to the Liberty Statue is a journey into the heart of Budapest’s historical tapestry. As you gaze upon this monument, remember the sacrifices made, the hopes kindled, and the city’s enduring spirit of resilience. Whether viewed from the bustling streets below or the serene heights of Gellért Hill, the Liberty Statue stands as a beacon of hope and a reminder of Budapest’s undying quest for freedom.

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