Budapest in Three Days Travel Guide

Day 1: Historical Landmarks

Buda Castle
Begin your journey at the UNESCO-listed Buda Castle. Enjoy panoramic views and dive deep into Hungarian history.

Hungary-0024 - Buda Castle

Fisherman’s Bastion
Just a stroll away, this terrace offers breathtaking views and represents Hungary’s foundation by seven Magyar tribes.

Fisherman's Bastion

Chain Bridge & Hungarian Parliament Building
After lunch, cross the iconic Chain Bridge and marvel at the grandeur of the Hungarian Parliament Building.

Chain Bridge Traffic

Evening at Thermal Baths
Wind down at Széchenyi Thermal Bath or Gellért Spa, immersing yourself in Budapest’s bathing culture.

Szechenyi Thermal Bath, Budapest

Learn more about Budapest’s bests in one day.

Day 2: Cultural Exploration

Great Market Hall
Start your day at this bustling market. Explore stalls offering traditional Hungarian spices, souvenirs, and delectable local foods.


Jewish Quarter
Dedicate your afternoon to the Jewish Quarter. Explore the Dohány Street Synagogue, the largest in Europe, and learn about Hungary’s Jewish heritage through its museums and memorials.

Orthodox Synagogue

Evening at Ruin Pubs
Experience Budapest’s nightlife at its most authentic by visiting a ruin pub, with Szimpla Kert being the most iconic. Revel in the eclectic atmosphere and mingle with locals and tourists alike.

Day 3: Nature & Relaxation

Margaret Island
This oasis offers a tranquil escape in the middle of the Danube. Start with the following:

  • Medieval ruins of a Dominican convent and a Premonstratensian church.
  • Parks and Gardens: Wander through beautifully landscaped areas, or rent a pedal cart or bike to explore.
  • Thermal Baths: Palatinus Bath, with its outdoor pools, slides, and thermal waters, is a must-visit.
Japanese Garden on Margaret Island

Dining & Refreshments

Throughout your stay, don’t miss out on tasting local delicacies like Chimney Cake (Kürtőskalács) or Pörkölt. Accompany your meals with traditional Hungarian wines or the spirited Palinka.

Travel Tip

Considering the expanded itinerary, investing in a 72-hour Budapest Card could be economical. It not only offers unlimited public transport but also provides free or discounted entry to many attractions.

Three days in Budapest offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and relaxation. Enjoy your trip, and let the city’s charm envelop you!