Margaret Island (Margitsziget)

Margaret Island (Margitsziget)
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A Green Gem Amidst the Danube

From the hum of city life, Margaret Island emerges as a serene sanctuary. Cradled by the Danube, this green gem is a testament to Budapest’s marriage of nature and history.

A Storied Past

Dating back to the Romans and named in honor of Princess Margaret, this island is steeped in tales and lore. From the ruins echoing monastic life to the majestic Water Tower, every corner whispers secrets from its illustrious past.

Nature’s Tapestry

The island’s lush landscape enchants visitors. Its thermal baths rejuvenate the spirit, while the aged trees provide shade and solace. Stroll through its Japanese Garden, be mesmerized by the cascade of its waterfall, and let the “Little Mermaid” statue captivate your imagination.

But perhaps the island’s crowning jewel is its musical fountain. With its rhythmic dance of water and spellbinding laser shows, it’s a spectacle that lures and delights. Every jet, every drop, synchronized to melodies, offers an experience that lingers in memory.

Endless Exploration

Whether on foot, bicycle, or scooter, Margaret Island invites exploration. It’s well-marked paths beckon joggers and walkers alike. From sports to picnics, from reading under a tree to meditative moments by the water, the island offers an array of experiences tailored for every visitor.


Margaret Island is not just a patch of green in Budapest; it’s a sanctuary where time slows and life is savored. A retreat where the soul rejuvenates, and the city’s rhythm fades into nature’s embrace. If Budapest is Hungary’s heart, Margaret Island is its serene and pulsing soul.

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