Holocaust Memorial Center (Holokauszt Emlékközpont)

Holocaust Memorial Center: Honoring the Past, Illuminating the Future

The Holocaust Memorial Center, a national institution founded by the Government in 1999, stands as a testament to remembrance and education. Its location on Pava Street, beyond the traditional Jewish quarter, underscores its national significance. In a world where few state-established institutions focus solely on Holocaust research and education, the center shines as a beacon of commitment.

Step into a unique space, acclaimed by Frank Owen Gehry, one of our era’s preeminent architects, as one of Budapest’s most impressive settings. This modern building seamlessly intertwines with the historic Pava Street Synagogue, a once-thriving hub of Jewish worship. Here, history’s resonance becomes tangible, and the echoes of the past find new life.

The Holocaust Memorial Center isn’t just a museum; it’s a living entity dedicated to research, education, and culture. Within its walls, interactive exhibitions, pedagogical programs, and cultural performances create a rich tapestry of learning. Guided tours in five languages and thematic explorations ensure an enriching experience, while a bookshop and cozy coffee shop invite contemplation.

Visit the center to honor the past, bear witness to history, and illuminate a path toward a more understanding and compassionate world.