Shoes on the Danube Bank (Cipők a Duna-parton)

Shoes on the Danube Bank (Cipők a Duna-parton)
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Shoes on the Danube Bank: A Silent Testament

Whispers of the Past by the Danube

A simple and profound memorial lies along Budapest’s picturesque Danube embankment: 60 pairs of iron shoes. Each pair is a silent testament, echoing the cries of souls lost to history’s atrocities.

A Solemn Tribute to the Lost

As World War II reached its grim climax, Hungary witnessed its own shadowed chapter. The Arrow Cross Party, after taking power, unleashed a reign of terror, executing innocent Jews on the banks of the Danube. Before their tragic end, victims were instructed to remove their shoes, possessions that held value during those dire times.

The executioners then collected these shoes; their worth was commodified even in the face of death. This act represented the era’s brutality and the oppressors’ dehumanizing nature.

Shoes on the Danube: The Memorial’s Genesis

The vision of film director Can Togay and sculptor Gyula Pauer brought this harrowing chapter of history to life. The pair created the Shoes on the Danube memorial to pay homage to the souls lost. This installation, a line of cast iron shoes facing the river, serves as a stark reminder of the cost of hatred and intolerance.

Besides the shoes, plaques in Hungarian, English, and Hebrew tell the story, ensuring that the memory of the victims never fades.


Budapest’s Shoes on the Danube Bank is more than a mere memorial; it’s a call for reflection. The shoes, left behind in a moment suspended in time, implore us to remember and to vow never to let history repeat its mistakes.

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