Entertainment in Budapest

Budapest After Dark: A Guide to Entertainment and Nightlife

Since the late 19th century, Budapest has been known as a city of entertainment, offering a wide array of vibrant nightlife from high culture to thrilling parties. The city’s entertainment scene has flourished since 1990, making Budapest a hotbed of live music, theatre, and late-night revelry.


Budapest has a variety of entertainment venues, including two opera houses, concert halls such as the one at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, the National Concert Hall at the Palace of Arts, an operetta theatre, cabarets, and over 50 theatres. The Merlin Theatre stands out, offering performances exclusively in English.

The heart of the city’s theatre district is Nagymezö utca, fondly referred to as “Budapest’s Broadway”. Within this 100-metre stretch, you’ll find two theatres, the Operetta Theatre, the renowned satirical cabaret Mikroszkóp Színpad, and the Moulin Rouge revue theatre. For film-lovers, there are plenty of cinemas located in the city centre near Vörösmarty tér. If you’re feeling adventurous, try purchasing returned tickets at the last minute or standing-room passes for a more affordable experience.


Navigating the city late at night is easy, with Budapest’s metro running until just after 11pm and buses marked with black numbers and the letter “E” operating on busy routes. There are also night trams available, although their frequency varies. Always board night buses through the front door and show your ticket to the driver. The HÉV train connecting Budapest with its suburbs stops running at about 11:30pm.


Efforts have been made to ensure Budapest’s venues are accessible to all since Hungary joined the European Union. Some older venues may not be wheelchair-friendly, but places such as the Mátyás Church, the State Opera House, and the Franz Liszt Academy are equipped for disabled visitors. The pedestrianized Liszt Ferenc tér is ideal for disabled travellers, with its outdoor cafés and terraces.


While Budapest is generally safe, tourists need to remain vigilant, especially late at night. Be aware of fraudulent activities such as overpriced drinks in bars and unscrupulous taxi drivers. Always check prices before making a purchase and ensure your taxi belongs to a reputable company and displays its tariffs.

Budapest’s nightlife offers something for everyone, from classical music and theatre to trendy nightclubs and bars. With a little caution and planning, you can enjoy a night out in one of Europe’s most lively cities.