Hungarian history


The Mongol Invasion and the End of the Árpád Dynasty Crusade of Andras II (1217-1218) In the early 13th century, Andras II, the King of Hungary, embarked on a crusade. This religious, military expedition, a hallmark of medieval European history, was accompanied by Minnesingers Ruethal and Tannhauser, troubadours who immortalized the event in song. The Golden Bull (1222) In 1222, the Golden Bull was issued, granting Hungarian nobility the right to oppose the king, even by force, if their privileges …

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The Clan of Árpád

Founders of the Hungarian Nation The Clan of Árpád, named after its legendary leader Prince Árpád, played a central role in shaping the cultural, political, and religious landscape of Hungary. Known as the Árpád dynasty, this royal house established the foundation of the Hungarian state and reigned for over two centuries from 895 until 1301. Destruction of the Moravian Empire (902 AD) The Clan of Árpád marked a major victory when they destroyed the Moravian Empire of Sviatopluk and Moimir …

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