Arquitecto Pitpit

Arquitecto Pitpit

Arquitecto Pitpit: A Culinary Gem in Budapest’s Architectural Marvel

Nestled in the heart of Budapest, Arquitecto Pitpit emerges as a testament to how a prime location can significantly enhance the dining experience. Opening its doors in the summer of 2022, this Spanish restaurant boasts one of the most enchanting garden patios in the city, set within the vine-covered inner courtyard of the Hungarian Association of Architects’ headquarters.

A Name That Captures Essence and Location

Arquitecto Pitpit, a name that cleverly combines the Spanish words for ‘architect’ and a bird that lends its name to the street, reflects the establishment’s commitment to both design and location. Operated by the owners of the highly successful Padrón, located just a few blocks away on Horányszky Street, Arquitecto Pitpit offers a spacious alternative to its predecessor, with its courtyard and a basement interior adorned with a large Margit Kovács ceramic mural and a distinctive bar.

The Quintessential Tapas Experience

True to the spirit of Spanish dining, Arquitecto Pitpit is fundamentally a tapas restaurant. The menu features a variety of cold and hot dishes made from fish, meat, and vegetables, where 4-5 selections can compose a complete meal. This format encourages medium-sized groups to sample a bit of everything, allowing for a communal and exploratory dining experience. Highlights include the Spanish blood sausage, morcilla, which is recommended both on its own and stuffed in pork knuckle.

A Nod to Modern Spanish Drinking Culture

While beer has long been the traditional accompaniment to tapas, recent trends, especially in Barcelona, have seen vermouth rise in popularity as a preferred pairing. Despite the city’s limited options, Arquitecto Pitpit prides itself on offering an exceptional vermouth selection, arguably among the best in Budapest. Additionally, the Basque cheesecake stands out as a must-try dessert, rounding off the meal with a touch of sweetness.

A Venue as Captivating as Its Cuisine

Located at VIII. Ötpacsirta u. 2, Arquitecto Pitpit’s allure goes beyond its culinary offerings. The restaurant’s location in an architectural landmark, coupled with its vibrant garden patio, provides a dining ambiance that is both visually and sensorially stimulating. This unique combination of delicious Spanish cuisine, innovative drinks, and a stunning setting makes Arquitecto Pitpit a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts exploring Budapest.


Arquitecto Pitpit represents a fusion of exquisite Spanish cuisine, innovative beverage selections, and breathtaking architectural surroundings. It is a shining example of Budapest’s vibrant and diverse restaurant scene, offering locals and tourists a unique dining experience that captures the essence of Spanish hospitality and culinary excellence. Whether you’re a tapas aficionado or simply searching for a delightful dining spot in Budapest, Arquitecto Pitpit awaits to enchant you with its flavors, ambiance, and charm.

Opening Hours
5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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5:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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