Arany Kaviár

Arany Kaviár

Discover the Elegance of Arany Kaviár: A Budapest Fine Dining Experience

Nestled in the heart of Budapest, Arany Kaviár Restaurant stands as a beacon of culinary excellence, offering a dining experience that transcends the ordinary. Since its opening in 1990, this prestigious establishment has evolved from its Russian origins to become one of the city’s most revered dining destinations, renowned for its exquisite cuisine and unparalleled atmosphere.

A Journey from Russian Roots to Contemporary Cuisine

Originally celebrated for its authentic Russian cuisine and caviar specialties, Arany Kaviár has gracefully transitioned, embracing a more international flair while honoring its storied past. The transformation was led by the visionary Chef Szása Nyíri, who steered the restaurant away from its solely Russian focus, adapting its offerings to reflect a more global palate. This shift came at a time when the world’s perception of Russian culture was changing, allowing Arany Kaviár to remain at the forefront of Budapest’s fine dining scene.

The Caviar Legacy

Despite the evolution, Arany Kaviár’s commitment to offering an unparalleled caviar experience remains unwavering. The restaurant boasts a selection of the world’s finest caviars, including a luxurious 50-gram caviar tasting priced at 99,000 forints. While this indulgence is reserved for special occasions, it epitomizes the restaurant’s dedication to maintaining an extraordinary culinary standard.

A Menu Crafted with Basque Expertise

The current menu at Arany Kaviár is a testament to its innovative spirit, curated with the assistance of a Basque chef. This collaboration has introduced a new dimension to the restaurant’s offerings, focusing on seafood and delicacies ranging from octopus to oysters. The transition to a menu emphasizing fresh, high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavors reflects Arany Kaviár’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the culinary arts.

An Award-Winning Beverage Selection

Complementing its exceptional menu, Arany Kaviár features an internationally acclaimed beverage list. The carefully curated wine selection and an impressive array of champagnes set the stage for a truly memorable dining experience. The restaurant regularly hosts thematic dinners, showcasing its sparkling wines and allowing guests to explore exquisite pairings.

A Setting of Unmatched Elegance

Located at II. Ostrom u. 19, Arany Kaviár offers a dining environment that is as refined as its cuisine. The elegant décor and warm ambiance provide the perfect backdrop for an evening of fine dining, whether celebrating a special occasion or seeking an extraordinary culinary adventure in Budapest.


Arany Kaviár represents the pinnacle of Budapest fine dining, offering a unique blend of historical elegance and contemporary culinary innovation. Through its exceptional cuisine, prestigious caviar selection, and award-winning beverages, Arany Kaviár invites guests to embark on a gastronomic journey in the heart of Budapest unlike any other.

Whether you’re a long-time patron or a first-time visitor, Arany Kaviár promises an unforgettable dining experience that will leave you longing for your next visit. Discover the elegance of Arany Kaviár and indulge in a celebration of flavors only Budapest can offer.

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